13.10.2017 Born puppies from matings:  Norika s Putilovoy Gory   и  Rasputin von der Mahler-Meister.

 7 males and  1 female.

Rasputin video:  protection  obedience


23.01.2016  Urana s Putilovoy Gory. 4 months.  FOR SALE !!!

We have working breeding  puppies for sale:

03.10.2014    S- litter «S Putilovoy Gory»  ( Karay s Putilovoy Gory & Manja v. Haus Salztalblick )

5 males, 3 females.


29.01.2014  P-litter «S Putilovoy Gory» ( Karay s Putilovoy Gory & Legenda s Putilovoy Gory),

4 males, 6 females.

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We have working breeding  puppies for sale:

sir: Karay s Putilovoy Gory

dam:  Eris spod Kostola.

2 gray puppies. There are 5 months old.

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сука (female)