24.03.2022 Puppies are born


11.07.2021      Karay s Putilovoy Gory  — 12 years old today !!!

31.08.2019  Show КЧФ РФСС «Fall in Olgino», expert in the ring Liliya Popova, Hors s Putilovoy Gory — excellent, CW, CAC, KЧФ, ЛК!


23 — 25 августа 2019,  г. Ярославль , «The Friendship Cup 2019», Qualifying Championship РСВНО 2019 on IGP3 !

Elizhaus Kold — got 4th place from 32 participants. 1st place in tracking, 2nd place in obedience. 277 points( 98+93+86), graded very good!

Congratulations to our Volt and his handler Olga Fedoryshena with such a worthy result! 

02.08.2019  Our Egida has found a home and loving owners!


Egida s Putilovoy Gory, 3 months old.

28.08.2019 Elizhaus Kold successfuly passed Kerung and KKL-2 for life!


27 — 28.07.2019  Yaroslavl, judge Andrey Kulish, Hors s Putilovoy Gory passed IGP1. He has begun his working career!!!

11.07.2019  Karay s Putilovoy Gory is 10 years old today!!!
Congratulations to my favorite dog with such a meaningful date!
He celebrated it on the field and got a traning session as a present 


30.05.2019                                       ARJIE VOM ISARLAND

                                                            23.01.2004 — 30.05.2019

18.05.19  Monobreed German Shepherd show «The Sankt Peterburg Cup 2019» was held in Sankt Peterburg, expert in the ring Davydova I. V.
Charey s Putilovoy Gory, junior, highest grade in his class — 4 very good!
Thank you for the training and showing to Anna Pankova!!!


9 — 12 may 2019 IGP-FH championship was hosted in the Moscow region, judges: Tatiana Chernyakova (Estonia) and Alexei Lisovets (Russia).
Karay s Putilovoy Gory, at nearly 10 years old, debuted in the IGP-FH Championship of Russia!
It was certainly a gamble to go on the trail with a dog, which only competed in IPO 3 and has never worked FH trails)))
I am very happy and proud of my dog!
Karay was a worthy son of his mother Argi (Arjie vom Isarland) — Champion of Russia on IPO-FH and a participant of the World Championship!
Our result is 171 points (84, 87) and the final 6th place out of 11 participants!
Thank you, Karay!!!

 27.04.2019 Charey s Putilovoy Gory passed his first test — ВН!!! Handler Olga Fedoryshena.


08.04.2019 Puppies are born from the following mating in Germany:

Irck de la Hutte du Berger — V, IPO-3 (WUSV, Platz 1 BSP 2017) HD/ED normal, DNA gepr. (SV), Rücken o.B, LÜW 0

Legenda s Putilovoy Gory — sg, IPO-1, HD-A, ED-0.

3 females are in the litter.

реклама помета апрель 2019-2 (1)

01.04.2019  First training session and first steps in training — Shishiga (Karay s Putilovoy Gory х Callas del Lupo Nero)

31.03.19  Hors s Putilovoy Gory is 2 today!!! Happy coming of age, my beloved dog!


14.03.2019  Today our red dog Igora s Putilovoy Gory is 10 years old!!!!
Health, energy and many more years to come!!!


30.03.19 All puppies from the SH litter have found homes. Shishiga s Putilovoy Gory is staying at the kennel for our breeding program.

04.02.19 Volt (Elizhaus Koldturned 4 today!


26.01.2019 Today Nordika s Putilovoy Gory is 7 years old!!!

Congratulations to the entire N litter!!!  Health and energy!!!

23.01.2019   Today Arjie vom Isarland is 15 years old!!!
Health and energy, Arjie!!!
Thank you for being here for us!!

14.01.2019 Puppies are born from the following mating:
Karay s Putilovoy Gory — rated excellent, HD-A, ED-0, IPO-3 (3хWUSV-WM), KKL-1L
Callas Del Lupo Nero — rated excellent, HD-A, ED-0, IPO-3, KKL-1L.
7 males and 1 female.

13-15.11.2018 a mating between  Karay s Putilovoy Gory х Callas del Lupo Nero took place!

Hoping to get a long awaited litter in the very near future!

реклама помета декабрь 2018 (1)

20-21.10.2018г. 2 of Karay s Putilovoy Gory‘s sons got their IPO-3 !!!

Elizhaus Kold (Volt) (Karay s Putilovoy Gory х Troyen»s Caneli), handler Fedoryshena Olga.

Vortex Walker — (Karay s Putilovoy Gory х Eris spod Kostola), handler Filatov Pavel.
Congratulations to handlers and owners!!!

09.10.2018 Today our ZH litter turned 12 years old!!!
First and very successful litter from Arji (Arjie vom Isarland) and Sid vom Haus Pixner!!!!
How time flies! Just a little while ago was first training and first competitions, and now they’re already veterans)))
Health and long lives! Congratulations!!!чехов_март_2007-1

25-26.08.18 «German Shepherd Championship of Estonia», judge Jari Kokkonen(Finland), Tatyana Chernyakova (Estonia).
Helpers: Janne Takkinen (Finland), Janne Laitinen (Finland).
Elizhaus Kold (Volt) (Karay s Putilovoy Gory х Troyen»s Caneli), handler Fedoryshena Olga.

IPO-2: А — 93, В — 85, С — 90, total 268 points — 1st place!!!

17-20.08.18  «Cup of Friendship», city of Dmitrov, Moskovskaya Oblast

Judges: Ludger Vortkamp (Germany) and Elena Nikiforova (Russia).

Elizhaus Kold (Volt), handler Fedoryshena Olga.

IPO-1  А — 92, B — 83, C — 95, total 270 points!
1st place in the protection phase, 3rd place overall!
Championship РСВНО — best German Shepherd in IPO-1!!!

14.07.2018 Monobreed German Shepherd show «Baltiiskaya zhemchuzina» was held in Sankt Peterburg.

Judge Boguslaw Chmiel (Poland).
Our Hors s Putilovoy Gory (Gino von der Roggenstrasse Х Nordika s Putilovoy Gory).
Huge thanks to Anne Pankov for a professional showing!

11.07.2018 Karay s Putilovoy Gory is 9 years old today!!!!
Good health and long, active life to my favorite dog!!!
Карай 9 лет

29.06.2018 Growing generation that was kept from the litter —Charei S Putilovoi Gory! Photo from seminar in Pryaha, Karelia.

                                            Thank you, Pavel Zorkin, for training!
                       Callas del Lupo Nero with her children: Charei и Chesta!
35356739_2070241349860946_8869207040761790464_n                                                                                                 Photo by Mikhail Rodionov.
03-06.05.2018 IPO championship of Russia was held at the «Nevskij Ippodrom — 2018»!
Judges: Jan Sudimak  (A), Zhirkevich Sergey (B), Peter Rohde (C).
Son of our Karay s Putilovoy Gory — Elizhaus Kaiser (Zurab), handler Aleksandr Dosayev!
Results: А — 94, В — 75, С — 95, total — 264 points, good! Zurab was named as «best dog» in the escape excersize of the protection phase! The helper had to sweat a little!
The debut was successful! Some issues in the obedience phase but tracking and protection was top notch! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
28.02.2018                                    PUPPIES FOR SALE!! 
«S Putilovoy Gory» kennel has 2 males for sale, for training and sport, from a very interesting and promising litter!

Sire: Bacteroides Jabo (Finland), HD-A, ED-1, IPO-3, participant of the WUSV

Dam: Callas del Lupo Nero (German Import), HD-A, ED-0, IPO-3                              Puppies are 2 months old

17.02.2018  Puppies of the «S Putilovoy Gory» CH litter are being registered and tattooed.

Sire: Bacteroides Jabo

Dam: Callas del Lupo Nero

2 puppies are available!

23.01.2018  Today, my favorite Arjie vom Isarland is 14 years old!!!
Arji — progeny of all the working German Shepherds of the «S Putilovoy Gory» kennel. She and her 3 kids made it to World Championships!!!
This is the dog that started me on the path of big sport and that taught me a lot!
Thank you, Arji!!! I wish you good health and many more years to come!
19.12.2017 Puppies from the Callas Del Lupo Nero и Bacteroides Jabo mating are born.
4 males and 4 females.
20.10.2017 Mating in Finland! Callas Del Lupo Nero и Bacteroides Jabo.
13.10.2017 Puppies from the Norika s Putilovoy Gory и  Rasputin von der Mahler-Meister  mating are born.
7 males and  1 female.
16.09.2017 Our Elizhaus Kold received 3 (excellent) in working class and an award for best protection at the German Shepherd show «Sankt Peterburg Cup 2017». Gennadiy Grinko was juding.
Karay s Putilovoy Gory with his nadler, ElenaNikiforova are members of the WUSV 2017 national team! 
24.08.2017 The Karay s Putilovoy Gory и Eris spod Kostola mating took place at our kennel
27-30.07.17 The CACIT «RussianCup IPO 2017» was held in the city of Bobrov, Voronezh region.
Judges: Tero Oravasaari (B), Johannes Eitler (C), Lisovets Alexey (A).
Karay s Putilovoy Gory — won 1st PLACE among German Shepherds and became the winner of the РСВНО qualifying competitions at the WUSV-2017!
Results: 276 points ( А-98, В-83, С-95 )!

31.03.2017 Born puppies from matings:  Gino von der Roggenstraße & Nordika s Putilovoy Gory!    2 males and  1 female.


30.01.2017 Mating in Germany!  Gino von der Roggenstraße & Nordika s Putilovoy Gory!

23.01.2017 Arjie vom Isarland  — 13 years!!!

17.10.2016  Russpelz Grimma   — 14 years old !!


17.09.2016 Nordika s Putilovoy Gory — exellent, KKl.-1


 Callas Del Lupo Nero  —  1 place!!!! Handler-Fedoryshena Olga.


23-24.07.2016 Elizhaus Kol’d,  young dog passed BH!!!

 Callas Del Lupo Nero IPO-3 ( A-95, B-82, C-93 =270 points, TSB-A)!!!


12-15.05.2016  RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP  IPO-3 (CACIT). Championship judge: Jari-Kokkonen(C), Lisovets Aleksey (A), Peteris Akimovs(B). Karay s Putilovoy Gory  with handler Nikiforova Elena. Our results:  265  points:  A-97;  B-80;  C-88.

12.05.2016  Born puppies from matings: Karay s Putilovoy Gory &  Callas Del Lupo Nero.

5 males and  2 females.


27.03.2016    Callas Del Lupo Nero  received Kkl. 1L! Congratulation!!!

13,15.03.2016 New mating :  Karay s Putilovoy Gory &  Callas Del Lupo Nero

23.01.2016  Today Arjie vom Isarland   was 12 years old!

We congratulate our dog and we wish her health and longevity!

26.12.2015  New mating : Nordika s Putilovoy Gory  &  Gino von der Roggenstraße.


08.12.2015  New mating : Karay s Putilovoy Gory  &  Wolferudel Diana.

08.09.2015  Puppies from matings:  IGORA s Putilovoy Gory  &  Baldrsens FLASH FIRE ( HD-B ED-0; IPO 1; Kkl 1L; DNA)

3 males and  5 females.

08.08.2015  Puppies from matings:  Karay s Putilovoy Gory &   Eris spod Kostola ( HD-A, ED-0, KKl.2, BB)

5 males and  3 females.

Karay s Putilovoy Gory  with handler Nikiforova Elena — members of Russian national team for the World Championship WUSV — 2015!

06.05.2015  Puppies from matings: Karay s Putilovoy Gory  &   Viola von der neuen Klus.

1 male (gray) and  1 female (black).

30.04.2015   Puppies from matings: Karay s Putilovoy Gory  &  Strong Spirit Bianka.

4  males and  2 females.

27.03.2015   Puppies from matings:  Karay s Putilovoy Gory  &  Ratio Regum Shar’ja.

4  males and   4 females.

27.02.2015  New mating : Karay s Putilovoy Gory  &  Strong Spirit Bianka.

21.02.2015 New mating: Karay s Putilovoy Gory  &  Viola von der neuen Klus.

09.02.2015  Puppies from matings:  Karay s Putilovoy Gory  & Zonenvelt Garda. 

2 males and  4 females.  All gray.

04.02.2015   Puppies from matings:  Karay s Putilovoy Gory  &  Troyen’s  Caneli.

  5 males and 1 female.  2 males and  female — black, 3 males — gray

26.01.2015  New mating: Karay s Putilovoy Gory  &  Ratio Regum Shar’ja.

23.01.2015 Today our  Arjie vom Isarland  was 11 years old!  New  video!

read more…

11.12.2014 New mating: Karay s Putilovoy Gory  &  Zonenvelt Garda.

05.12.2014   New mating: Karay s Putilovoy Gory  &  Troyen’s  Caneli.

08-12.10.2014   Weltmeisterschaft   WUSV 2014,  Haguenau,  France

For the Russian team  acted  dog  from our kennel  Karay s Putilovoy Gory  with  handler  Nikiforova  Elena.

Our results: 31 out of 135  participants  274  points:  A-97;  B-87;  C-90.

03.10.2014   S-litter  «S Putilovoy Gory» ( Karay s Putilovoy Gory  &  Manja vom Haus Salztalblick ). 5 males, 3 females

05.08.2014  New mating: Karay s Putilovoy Gory  &  Manja vom Haus Salztalblick.

20-22.06.2014 Slovakia hosted WUSV UNIVERSAL SIEGER 2014! The program included competitions IPO-3 and dog show. Karay s Putilovoy Gory — on IPO-3 — 72 (excluding one tracking thing), 88, 80. The dog show — 12 excellent. The final result: Karay s Putilovoy Gory (handler Elena Nikiforova) — 17th place.

12-15.06.2014   RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP on IPO-3 (CACIT). Championship judge: Karel Nedved (Czech Republic), Nenad Miloshevich (Serbia), Natalia Scarce (Russia). Helpers: Teuvo Koskinen and Teo Lintula (Finland). 

Karay s Putilovoy Gory (handler: Nikiforova Elena) made with the result of 279 points (100, 87, 92) and qualified for the World Championship WUSV!

In this Championship were other dogs «S Putilovoy Gory»:

IPO3 Komanch s Putilovoy Gory  (handler: Pavel Zorkin, Moscow) 95,81, 99 = 275 vg., Best Protection IPO-3;

IPO1 Lugger s Putilovoy Gory (handler: Rozhkova Galina, Moscow) 60,75,88 = 223 (unfortunately, Lugger has not received a positive score on the traick, but then the handler and dog gained valuable competition experience);

IPO1 Nash s Putilovoy Gory (handler: Pavel Kozhemyakin, Tver) 100, 96, 0 = 196 (first appearance Nash started just fine, but not everything went smoothly … Nash did not respond to the helper … Again, not enough competitive experience)

We congratulate all the handlers and wish you further success in the competition! You can win and deserve to win!

9.05.2014 Our young dogs passed IPO1:

Manja vom Haus Salztalblick (90, 74, 90), handler: Viuginova Anna

Nordika s Putilovoy Gory (88, 70, 84), handler: Nikiforova Elena

and BH: Callas Del Lupo Nero (58 points), handler: Birin Leonid

3.05.2014 Added new photos Manja von Haus Salztalblick

01.03.2014 P-litter puppy 1 months. New foto.

28.02.2014 Added a new video P-litter puppy 

23.02.2014  At the National Dog Show «Winter’s Tale»  (САС) Igora s Putilovoy Gory  — 1ex., CAC, BOS, BOB, BIG-1.   Judge: Ivanova T.M.

29.01.2014  P-litter «S Putilovoy Gory» ( Karay s Putilovoy Gory & Legenda s Putilovoy Gory),

4 males, 6 females.

Легенда с Путиловой Горы


11.01.2014  New mating: Karay s Putilovoy Gory & Aedesbark Cometa.

10.01.2014   New mating: Karay s Putilovoy Gory &   Eris spod Kostola ( HD-A, ED-0, KKl.2, BB)


On the base of kennel «S Putilovoy Gory» was  seminar-training  with Tommi Vanhala (Finland). In the training  participated  progeny of our  Arjie vom Isarland from 3 different litters: Karay,  Lugger,  Legenda, Nash,  Natan,  Nordika s Putilovoy Gory,  and our dogs  Manja vom Haus Salztalblick,  Callas del Lupo Nero.

Семинар с Томми Ванхала

Семинар с Томми Ванхала


New mating in our kennel: Karay s Putilovoy Gory & Legenda s Putilovoy Gory


Nash s Putilovoy Gory with his handler & owner Pavel Kozhemyakin (Tver) passed IPO-1 exam: A-96,B- 98,C-98, 292 points, excellent.



New mating in our kennel:  IGORA s Putilovoy Gory TIAGO della REAL FAVORITA(ITALY) HD-A ED-0 (SV) Zuchtwert-81 ,OKD-1, ZKS-1, Kkl-1


Added a new video Callas Del Lupo Nero


IPO-competition «Nevskiy IPOdrom 2013» in St.Petersburg, jd. Korobeynikov A. (Russia, Izevsk), Kozorez D. (Ukraine)

IPO3 — 6rd place —  Karay s Putilovoy Gory  95-75-81 (251), 2nd place in the tracking.

Photo       Video

ipoдром 2013


17-19.05.2013 IPO-competition «Cop of FORDOGTRAINERS» (CACIT) in Ukraine , jd. Gunter Diegel (Germany), Toine Jonkers (Netherlands), Elmar Mannes (Germany)

IPO-3 — 12th place — ZHENEVA S PUTILOVOY GORY 240 (A-70, B-87, C-83), handler & owner Savochina A. (Russia, Ulan-Ude)


KOMANCH S PUTILOVOY GORY — 212 (A-28, B-90, C-94), handler & owner Zorkin P. (Russia, Moskow).




German Shepherds Speciality Show in St.Petersburg (RU), jd. Grin’ko G. (Russia)

Karay s Putilovoy Gory — EX4 in working class and prize for the best protection.


Team of our kennel «S Putilovoy Gory» took part in demonstrations in training at the international dog show «Gran Pri Vesenniy Petersburg».

Program participants:

Elena Nikiforova & Karay s Putilovoy Gory

Anna Vyginova & Manja vom Haus Salztalblick

Aleksandr Panasyck & Luter s Putilovoy Gory

Olga Fedorushena & Arjie vom Isarland


Leonid Birin

Maksim Ivanov


Aleksey Baranov

photo report is here!



Pups from Karay s Putilovoy Gory are 5 months old! New photos here!

кобель (male)

кобель (male)


New photos were added to the gallery Callas del Lupo Nero (Callas is 6,5 months).

6,5 months

Callas (6,5 months) & her handler Leonid


Manja von Haus Salztalblick is 1 year old today!!! New photos were added to the gallery.

Manja 1 year

Manja 1 year


We have working breeding puppies for sale of  Karay s Putilovoy Gory  and  Eris spod Kostola.

2 gray puppies. There are 3 months old.

more info…

Щенки немецкой овчарки рабочего разведения


St. Petersburg, International Dog Show «Baltic Triumph»
Otvaga s Putilovoy Gory — first time on the show
1v.p., best baby on the breed, BIS BABY — 3



— N-litter  s Putilovoy Gory is 1 year old  today!!!  Good  luck  and  best  washes.

— CAC show in St. Petersburg:

Manja vom Haus Salztalblick — excellent in junior class

Zidan s Putilovoy Gory — excellent in working class, CAC, BOS

Legenda s Putilovoy Goryvery good in open class

Igora s Putilovoy Gory — 2 excellent in working class


There is a new dog  in our kennel — Vanda Lur s Putilovoy Gory (Karay s Putilovoy GoryEris  spod Kostola)


Famous Finnis sportsmen Tommi Vanhala took part at the training seminar with had place at the kennel «S Putilovoy Gory».



L-litter  s Putilovoy Gory is 2 years old today!!!  Congratulations!


Puppies  of  Karay s Putilovoy Gory  and  Eris spod Kostola are 1 month old today.

There are 6 males and 5 females in the litter.


CAC show in Tver:
— Nash s Putilovoy Gory ( Troyen’s Yrmy x Arjie v. Isarland ) — 2 excellent, RJCAC!

Nash s Putilovoy Gory

Natan s Putilovoy Gory (Troyen’s Yrmy xArjie v. Isarland)  —  excellent Natan s Putilovoy Gory


New photos:

— Otvaga s Putilovoy Gory (for sale) is 3 months old

— Juma von der Kahler Heide


Manja is 9 months old.  New photos were added to the gallery.

more info…



New video was added: The Best of BSP (1984-1993)


Puppy of X-box von Arlett   &   Igora s Putilovoy Gory is fore sale.

more info…


Komanch s Putilovoy горы (owner & handler Pavel Zorkin) IPO Exam: IPO-II, 278 (А85, В96, С97)

Zheneva s Putilovoy Gory (handler Garshina Natalia) IPO Exam: IPO-III, 274 (А97, В81, С96)


We have newborn puppies (O-litter) of X-box von Arlett   &   Igora s Putilovoy Gory

1 male & 1 female

more info…


IPO Exam

Kris s Putilovoy Gory IPO2 (70-82-83)

judge: Nikiforova Elena


Puppies from Zidan s Putilovoy Gory & Kestbar Zhenshen were born.

5 males & 4 females. 1 male & 1 female have long straight topcoat.


German Shepherds Speciality Show in V.Novgorod (RU), jd. Bukarinova E. (Germany)

Zidan s Putilovoy Gory — EX5 in working class


IPO-competition «Nevskiy IPOdrom 2012» in St.Petersburg, jd. Pierre Wahlström (Sweden), PENTTI RAPILA (Finland)

IPO1 — 3rd place — Komanch s Putilovoy Gory 84-92-89 (265)


There is a new dog from Germany in our kennel — Manja von Haus Salztalblick.


Speciality Show German Shepherds, jd. Kovaleno M.

Zidan s Putilovoy Gory — 5EX, CC in working class

Igina s Putilovoy Gory — 3EX, CC in working class


International CACIB Show «Gran-Prix Vesenniy Petersburg»

Zidan s Putilovoy Gory — 2 EX in open class, R.CAC, R.CACIB

Igora s Putilovoy Gory — 2 EX in open class, R.CAC


FCI World Championship FH, judge Aad BroekhuizenPerez Lopez Juan Jose.

Arjie vom Isarland — 15th place. 90,80 (170, G)



IPO Exam in Germany

Karay s Putilovoy Gory — IPO3 (100-86-91)

jd. Klaus Knosel